Timothy Miller Ph.D.

Clinical Psychologist

Making an Appointment

If you have general questions, I can answer them by telephone or email. My email address is: Click here to visit my feedback form. (This link will take you to my feedback form. If you want to send me an email, you'll have to type the address manually into your email client.)

Before we can be confident I am the right therapist for you, we might have to meet face to face. However, we can talk on the phone a little, to get a preliminary idea of whether I will be able to help.

If you are ready to make an appointment, first consider your health insurance. About half of my clients have health insurance that covers part or all of the cost of treatment. I will bill your health insurance for you, if you have suitable benefits, but you may need to get treatment authorization before your first visit. Most health insurance companies consider it your job, not mine, to obtain treatment authorization.

To make sure you are eligible for benefits, and that I participate with your health insurance plan, call the toll-free number on the back of your health insurance ID card. Don't be shy about asking specifically for authorization to see me. While you're at it, inquire what your copayment (or "share of cost") will be, and if you have an annual deductible to meet. The insurance companies don't always tell me these things. The insurance company representative might give you an authorization number. Make sure to bring it with you to my office.

For more information about health insurance benefits, or if you are going to be paying for treatment yourself, select an option from the Insurance/Pricing menu above.

Once you have resolved your questions about costs and health insurance, give me a call at (209) 478-8568. If necessary, leave a message. I'll usually be able to call you back within a day to arrange a mutually convenient appointment. My schedule usually fills up one to two weeks in advance, but I sometimes have immediate openings.

On most days, I make my first appointment at 11 AM and my last appointment at 6 PM. I don't make weekend appointments.

I look forward to meeting you!